About Us

About Hot Stiletto

Hot Stiletto, a 501c3 organization, is a FREE social club for women who love shoes! Our mission is to build a sisterhood of women through our love for shoes, while striving to inspire, support, uplift, and encourage all women one stiletto step at a time! Hot Stiletto is a great platform for women to talk, share, shop, and have fun! By establishing this organization in 2011, the founder realized the urgency to raise awareness for domestic violence and the need to support those that are directly affected by it in the greater KC area. As a result, the Hot Stiletto Shoe Club transitioned from more than a social club to also a community outreach organization that provides assistance, increase awareness, and facilitates programs through the local domestic violence abuse shelters.



Why I Joined Hot Stiletto

Many of our members have sent us their words of appreciation about our club. Please take a look at some of their testimonials below!

“For me, Hot Stiletto has been an outlet for fun, fellowship, friendship and a great excuse to buy a pair of fabulous shoes; or two, or three or four…aw hell, who’s counting?!”

– Janay Reliford-Davis, MSW

“The stiletto club was a great place to meet powerful women all over the Kansas City area. And together we empowered other women. It felt good to know we were doing this for a cause.”

– Deja Chamberlain


“I enjoy the fellowship between the ladies in the Hot Stilettos organization. I always look forward to when we get together because everyone leaves the drama at the door and it’s all about FUN! The ladies are so positive and we all share a common thread of uplifting women.”

– Thanks – Kisha Bausby

“Being a part of HS has been so rewarding to me on various levels. Of course the obvious — my love of SHOES!!! But it’s also afforded me the opportunity to be involved in something that is exciting, fun and unique. I appreciate all that the club represents and the amazing sisterhood of strong, creative and empowering women; but more importantly than all of that is the work that HS is doing in the community for the victims of domestic violence, an issue I otherwise would not have as much knowledge or  involvement in as I do now. This club gives ALL women a voice whether we are partying with a purpose or increasing awareness, and I am grateful to be a part of it all.”

– Consuelo Ross, Founder/President, Surviving the Odds, Inc.

“The women of Hot Stilleto “empower” women to “empower” women. Not limiting their reach to only those in the organization but reaching out to the community. I’m elated to be a part of such a PHENOMINAL group of women!”

– Michele McFeders

“I have the privilege of connecting to Women of all races, backgrounds, and socio-economic classes in my daily endeavors.. Since Hot Stiletto’s founding it gives me great pleasure to be able to invite these Women to a gathering where I have the FULL confidence they will be embraced, accepted, encouraged all while having a ball! There are VERY few organizations that this could be said of! I am grateful to be a part of Hot Stiletto and look forward to “standing tall, in my heels” with these ladies for many years to come! Blessings & Peace.”

– Twoana N. Hammond, LMSW, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

“I’m proud to be a part of a mature group of women. The club works out great for my busy personal life. I searched a few good years for a drama free group that doesn’t pressure you on your involvement. Being a wife and mother this group allows me time to escape and relax. I love shoes and love giving back to my community this is my way to enjoy both.”

– Latasha Ray


“My name is Mary I joined the Hot Stiletto club recently only being able to make it to one meeting and instantly I felt this was a great club that joined women with power and energy. My cousin also joined as well and she’s a business minded woman and felt the same energy as I did. I felt that this was not just a shoe club but a powerful pipeline connecting beautiful and wonderful women of God. I look forward to the upcoming great events  for 2015.”

– Mary


“…I believe this is one of the best ideas for women who love shoes. I have not been to an event yet because I signed up 2 events ago and could not make either. I can’t wait to see what you do in 2015. Keep up the GREAT work. I hope this works and thanks for doing what you do. We shoe lovers appreciate you.”

– Latoya Adams, Design By LSA

“As a true Shoe Lover, I was more than excited to be joining the Hot Stiletto organization. Not only would I get to share my adoration for shoes with fellow shoe lovers, but I would be supporting such a great cause. Yet, it was so much more than that! I was able to network with fellow businesswomen, I was able to hear and learn of individuals stories and struggles and successes and find encouragement for my own life journey…and who would ever have conceived that this could all be done over a beautiful, dainty, designed item called a “Stiletto?!” Kudos to Vicki and everyone in the organization for all that they have done and continue to do to support women! A Truly Blessed Stiletto Wearer!”

– Nikol Anderson, Founder / Member, LAVAwerks, LLC

“I’ve really been inspired by Hot Stiletto and what it means. I think this is an awesome way to get people together to give to a worthy cause. I love giving and it’s usually really boring to just give money. I love how this is implemented in a fun way to make you WANT to give. We all know women love shoes, purses, makeup, etc. Tell us to wear our hottest shoes and it’s on! I’ll dress up, wear my shoes and walk away feeling good knowing I’ve helped somebody in the interim. Keep up the good work. You make giving FUN!”

– Andrea Mitchell

“Being a part of “Hot Stiletto” has given me  the opportunity to build lasting friendships and network with fun, business minded women from all walks of life.”

– Andi Thibeaux, Owner, Woozy Cakes

“Hot Stiletto is a fabulous networking opportunity for women in business. We not only have a chance to meet and connect with other business women but we have a lot of fun as well. I am delighted to be a part of this great group and am looking forward to more meetings in the future. Thank you so much for bringing us together and allowing us to show off our fabulous stilettos at the same time. It is great fun to meet everyone and share our passions.”

– Sandra Ghosheh  SK Hunter Investments LLC

“I attended my first Hot Stiletto event a couple years ago at 801 Chop House in the Power & Light. I had just moved back to Kansas City from Atlanta and was trying to find more fun community based things to be a part of. I was pleasantly surprised at how great of an event it was! The women were all friendly, the food & the opportunity to network! I went alone and honestly was nervous I thought I’d be the youngest person there but was welcomed and there were women of all ages! I’ve since then have seen the event grow over the last few years & recently decided to join! I think Mrs. Vicki is such a great mentor for myself and inspiration and I look forward to joining in on more events with her and the other ladies!”

– Shiv’on Starr

“Hot Stiletto means uplifting, compassion, love, encouragement to all women. I feel that you have built a brand that women feel connected to and we all long for a sisterhood that brings out the best in all of us. You probably already have plenty of testimonials, but I always tell you how encouraging and uplifting you are. You are an angel:)”

– Kara:)


“It’s shoetabulous to have women come together not only for a cause but to have us all unguarded, laughing, non-judgmental, discovering our strengths, opening up in a whole new way, drama free and having the best time doing it. It’s great, love it, I’m hooked in now – lol.  #beinspired”

– Danisha Clarkson

“Joining Hot Stiletto opened me up to meeting new women from all walks of life just wanting to get together and talk shoes. When I first joined, I was a little uncertain how so many beautiful, goal oriented, talented women could get together without any disturbance. Well we did, we do and hopefully we will continue too! The beauty of the shoe club is you build friendships with all kind of women and even though we are different, our similarity is the fact that we all love shoes! Our shoes tell you a bit about us but most of all, our shoes allow is to break down barriers and build relationships. So I am grateful for such an awesome group and in the end we are able to encourage, build up, laugh, and just have fun with Hot Stiletto.”

– LaTrice Irving

“What it means to me. Being a shoe lover! And the fact that it’s about the shoes and showing the love for others. What it has done for me, it’s a therapy for me. I’ve been through a long journey and I like to keep busy and enjoy every minute of it. Because life is too short not to be enjoying it. I enjoy hanging out with the ladies in the Hot Stiletto meeting, greeting and having fun. I like being a part of it because the fact that it’s for a good cause, and I don’t mind helping. You never know what a person is going through and what I may contribute will means to the next person. I am so glad I joined the Hot Stiletto!”

– Bridgette Anderson

“Hot Stilettos is the most motivating organization for women that combines the love of looking hot & feeling fabulous in our Stilettos but most of all, helping other women to do the same. The drive, purpose and passion that fuels Hot Stilettos, to bring women together in unity has given me a new sense of purpose. Hot Stilettos has motivated me to do more than just get the job done but be about a purpose in life of helping others.

I love everything Hot Stilettos stand for…”

– Jackie Michaels

“I became a member of the hot stiletto shoe club June 2014 thinking it was just going to be about showing cute shoes. I had no idea there was much more to this club than meets the eye. What I’ve learned is that it is much more than just a shoe club. It’s a celebration of women empowerment! I have truly enjoyed participating in all of the events this shoe club has sponsored so much that I constantly encourage others to join. It’s a much needed powerful resource for today’s professional woman!”

– Veronica

“Vicki:  My first impression of you was Awesome! I remember I was out with two of my girlfriends (Kim Littlejohn & Joanne Branch) @ the Juke House and you had on this bad ass jumpsuit and your hair was killing it! I walked up to you and introduced myself and complimented you. You lit up with the biggest smile and responded with a sincere thank you. Then I believe I saw you on FB and you were over this shoe club that looked interesting and fun. I was a little skeptical about joining But I did and have enjoyed it. The group of ladies are not catty we got along and I say this because it usually a bunch of craziness when a bunch of women get together but our group of women shows love for one another, makes the other person feel comfortable….When I tell you the trip we took to St. Louis last year was the bomb! I had so much fun with all of the ladies…I am glad that I took the step to join and have no regrets. Stiletto Member for Life!!!!”

– Patricia Irvin, Paralegal, Hubbard & Kurtz Law Firm

“HOT STILETTO: What it has meant to me since I joined- WOW-BOOM. Since I have been with Hot Stiletto I can honestly say I have truly been encouraged to feel more of me in me. It has been a blessing to meet so many variations of women that reflect strength, courage and confidence in their stand, their walk, their conversations and last but not least in their lives. There is always a welcoming smile. There is always a warm sisterly hug from every woman.

“I look around when we are together and I smile inwardly knowing that we are truly together to embrace one another. We are truly together to lift each other up the way women should at all times. I love the way the ladies compliment and laugh with one another. There is never negativity, brooding etc.

 When the times come for us to get together, I have actually come to realize that I DO have the courage to put on stilettos and the ladies encourage me to walk TALL and correctly in them. I have been encouraged by the ladies to simply do me! Not that I would want to do it like someone else but that there is a me inside of me that is bold enough to try a different hairstyle-its ok! Try a different type of outfit that is outside my box-its ok! Go to places that I would normally not try-its ok! I love it. We are together knowing that we have come together not just to wear bad, cold blooded stilettos, but to acknowledge that as we stand tall as the heels will take us, we are to lift up that one that may not be as strong or feel as tall at any given time.

I know that our efforts towards embracing and encouraging any woman that is going through domestic violence are powerful, meaningful and useful as we continue with this journey, to hopefully create a safe haven within the women that says I am better; I am bolder; I am larger; I am worthy; I am no longer a current victim!  

The 1st step in that journey, is to share with the women at any given time, that  the many years of domestic violence that one endures in silence is the sole reason that I feel blessed to be a part of an organization that is willing  to lift  that one up by their heels one step at a time.

I have been out of domestic violence for over 28 years and you what? My life has been good but now, I wish I had around me then what I have now in these ladies, this organization.

I know me. I like me. I love me. I enjoy me.

That’s what I want for the victim.

Thank you”

– Kiva N. Miller, Business Product Svcs Analyst– Archival & Retrieval | DST Central, LLC.

“I realize I may be a little late in responding, but I did want to give my “testimony” whether you use it or not. Lol. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve never really gotten excited about shoes necessarily, but my friend Katrina invited me to join the Hot Stiletto shoe club a couple of years ago. Although I’m not a shoe fanatic, the atmosphere and camaraderie amongst the ladies was a fantastic thing to see! Each lady was friendly, positive and welcoming. I started only knowing one person, but at each event, I get to know someone else a little better. Vicki is an amazing person that does things for those in the community and has ALWAYS had encouraging and uplifting words for me. That means a lot and I appreciate her so much! The other ladies probably don’t know it, but they’ve even helped me step out of my “box” in regard to trying new shoes. 🙂 But I will say that this club in general has been a wonderful experience and I always look forward to getting together and doing something positive!”

– Khema Gipson

“Hot Stiletto is truly one of Newhouse’s most holistic supporters, from their annual benefit that raises funds – to their visits, which raise spirits. Indeed, the women of Hot Stiletto are fabulous, inside and out. “Heels Can Heel” volunteers support, encourage and uplift the women in our shelter; women who have experienced the crushing effects of domestic violence. From karaoke nights to girl talk, the women of Hot Stiletto empower those we serve to see themselves as both worthwhile and whole. We are so grateful for the continued support of such an amazing organization. Thanks so much!”

– Kacee Kellum, MPA, Community Engagement Coordinator, Newhouse

“Hot Stiletto Shoe club has five me the opportunity to meet great women that I would have not met as well as allowed my sister and I to become closer because this is something that we do together. I’ve known Vicki for a longtime and I would have to say she has always had a heart and passion for a nice shoe (often $$$$$ ). I’ve admired her shoe game for very long time and I’m honored that she allowed the world to share it with her. Thanks Vicki.”

– DeJuana Lee