Charity Spotlight

Charity Spotlight

Hot Stiletto in Kansas City, MO hosts a number of events to support victims of domestic violence. The annual Hot Stiletto Shoe Charity Party is a fundraiser. It allows the organization to distribute the proceeds from ticket sales, auctions and donations towards the program and additional needs of the women housed at the domestic violence shelters.  Through the party, the club seeks to raise awareness about domestic violence and help women.

7th Annual Stiletto Charity Event

Heels Can Heal

By partnering with local abuse shelters, the Heels Can Heal program provides an opportunity to engage with the victims. This provides an opportunity to discuss, reflect and share experiences among women who have been directly or indirectly affected by domestic abuse. Hot Stiletto is dedicated to the mission to uplift and support women of unfortunate circumstances.

Join Our Fundraiser

Do you want to support a very important and serious cause, while having a great time meeting up with people sharing your love of stilettos? Attend our charity events, which feature some great contests, products and giveaways. Join our free shoe club. We look forward to meeting you!